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CSV Readers

There are four CSV reading implementations in Super CSV.

CsvBeanReader CsvDozerBeanReader CsvListReader CsvMapReader
Reads each row of CSV as a POJO (must be a valid Javabean, or interface with setters) POJO (must be a valid Javabean) List<String> or List<Object> Map<String> or Map<Object>
Supports reading into an existing bean? Yes Yes No No
Supports deep mapping and index-based mapping? No Yes No No
Supports partial reading (ignoring columns)? Yes Yes No Yes
Supports variable number of columns ? No No Yes No

Which one you choose will depend on your requirements, but we recommend using CsvBeanReader or CsvDozerBeanReader where possible, as it's far easier to work with POJOs than Lists or Maps. Check out the reading examples to see them in action.